As we age in life, our body changes with us, making our teeth more vulnerable. That is why it is vital to remember to keep your oral health in tip-top shape. Our friendly and professional staff at Wyoming Family Dental in Wyoming, Minnesota, is happy to talk to you about your oral health.

Did you know, the longer your teeth are exposed to the elements, the greater the chance an oral accident can occur? Well, it’s true. That is another great reason why it is important to wear appropriate safety equipment if you are involved in any activities, which could be deemed high-risk for your teeth and gums. Another way to protect your teeth is to avoid damaging them by opening products with your mouth or trying to bite down on substances that are too hard such as ice and pencils.

Another important factor to remember is if you are involved with any harmful habits to your teeth, such as smoking or chewing tobacco, or using any non-prescription drugs, you greatly increase the risk of oral health failure. Stop any bad habits immediately and speak with your dentist to determine what you can do to keep your mouth safe.

If you have questions about keeping your oral health in tip-top shape, please call us today at 651-462-5150 and make an appointment with Dr. Scott Timmons. Our friendly and professional team is happy to help in any way we can.

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