Would you be surprised to learn that bad breath, tender or sensitive gums, and even sensitivity to temperature could all be signs of gum disease? While you might think that gum disease isn’t an issue you have to worry about, would you be surprised to hear that gum disease is more common than you might expect? Sadly, the signs of gum disease are actually hard to notice, but our team is trained to do so.

Generally, you can avoid gum disease by brushing your teeth twice a day and by flossing once a day. This is because plaque will form after you eat. If you don’t clean this plaque from your teeth, it will harden into tartar after about 24 hours. Sadly, tartar can leave you more vulnerable to gum disease—and shouldn’t be removed yourself. In fact, we strongly recommend visiting us to have tartar removed because you could damage your pearly whites if you try to remove it from home.

Again, even though brushing and flossing are usually enough to prevent gum disease, there are other factors that can lead to this issue. This is another reason that we recommend scheduling regular appointments with our team. If you wait until you notice bleeding gums, your gum disease could ultimately be more advanced than you might expect. Sadly, advanced gum disease can affect your teeth, even leading to premature tooth loss.

Do you have more questions about gum disease in Wyoming, Minnesota? Are you simply interested in scheduling an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Charyl Weingarten and Dr. Scott Timmons? If so, please feel free to give Wyoming Family Dental a call at 651-462-5150. We’ll be happy to inspect your smile and to offer you specific advice. We look forward to meeting with you!

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