Long before toddlers learn to dress themselves, they can begin developing the habit of brushing their teeth. If your little one can hold a toothbrush, it’s time to start teaching the skill of brushing! Little kids are often very interested in participating in this aspect of their hygiene. Watching Mommy and Daddy brush every day encourages them to want to try to brush their teeth too. When you help your little ones learn to brush, make sure you are teaching the proper technique.

Brush the surfaces of their teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush appropriately sized for their mouth. Teach them to brush back and forth with small, controlled strokes. Help them remember to brush all their teeth and to brush all surfaces of their teeth. Oftentimes little kids brush their front teeth very well but neglect their molars. To prevent cavities and tooth decay, it is imperative that all their teeth get cleaned.

Our dentists at Wyoming Family Dental are great with kids and would love to help your little ones develop great brushing habits and master the proper technique. Give us a call at 651-462-5150 today, and let our amazing dentists help you take care of your teeth.

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