As a teen, one of the most important aspects of your life should remain your health. However, due to social settings and peer pressure, teens often find themselves partaking in activities that can be severely detrimental to their health.

One of the most dangerous activities that teens partake in remains contact sports. Although contact sports can be extremely influential in the life of a teen, if you are not careful, it can lead to an oral health disaster. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment, including mouthguards, facial masks, and helmets that may be available. Oral accidents and injuries are common, so protect yourself whenever possible.

Peer pressure is a leading cause of accidents that arise with a teen’s oral health. This includes the pressure to the socially acceptable by doing risky activities such as smoking, using drugs, or wearing mouth jewelry such as lip or tongue rings. Smoking and using drugs will not only damage your oral health, but they will also damage your overall health. Lip and tongue rings can easily damage your teeth and gums, and can even lead to infections such as hepatitis. Furthermore, lip and tongue rings often present serious choking hazards.

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