Reimagine Your Smile With Cosmetic Veneers

Our practice takes pride in offering a cozy, non-judgmental small-town vibe. You will feel valued and understood at every visit. Plus, your dentist has invested in advanced technologies, such as digital X-rays, a digital scanner, and an intraoral camera, so every detail of your care is planned with precision.

Your dentist also uses innovative solutions to ensure you gain the best possible results. In addition to prepless and standard veneers, Dr. Rohlf has cosmetic options like the innovative 3M Matrix System, which uses a blend of bonding and filling to give you veneers-like results in just one day. He’ll review which option is right for you.

Most important, you can expect numerous benefits from veneers:

  • Transformational Results – Veneers offer a significant change, for a flawless smile. They can be used to change the size, shape, and color of your teeth. You’ll feel better about your overall appearance and self-esteem.
  • Quicker Treatment – With our prepless veneers and advanced Matrix system options, you can complete your veneers treatment in less time, typically in one appointment. You’ll have time for smile improvement, even if you have a busy life.
  • Minimal Tooth Alteration – With minimal prep veneers or the Matrix option, your dentist will only remove a minimal amount of tooth enamel, if any at all. You’ll preserve your natural tooth structure while improving your appearance.
  • Customized Results – Each veneer is crafted to fit your teeth precisely, ensuring not just an improved appearance but also a comfortable, natural feel.

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